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Non Marya Roxx Artwork Lyrics!

This is one by me o wrote two months ago and its purchase to the oil masacar and all the rest shit human do and done!

We-Social Murders

Once there was a banG
Bringin on some called life,
Down the earth so it began
All gets green full of plants
What is a street?
But Every beauty can't survive
For the endless time of ever 'n' never....

From the penguin the alligator with the polar
Bear arise We
The destroyer of planet earth
Called We, Arise from the penguin, the alligator with the polar bear, Social Murders

Since the time breaks on that black
Beauty killer is running over here
All gets blored full of empty
What is Nature called on here?
But the time will reject everything goin on bevor now!

Chorus:From the penguin.....

Destroying confirm us
With our spiritual trust
Destroying, destroying Aharise

Chorus: From the penguin.....
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