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Deb 26-05-2009 11:50

Marya's autograph...
Just wanted to make sure we haven't forgotten anyone as it's getting close to the end of the tour now :-(

I know that myself, Anji, Bloodflowerz and frankie have alll got an autograph from Marya for lots of you here on the forum that can't make a show.

Jas, Kostas, Prox, Val, Chelle, Barb, Nick, Willis, Sabine, Mel, Barshy, Mariann, Maarja_pl, Jo, Siobhan, Dominic.... I'm sure there's more but my brain stopped working more than usual after a bang on the head yesterday lol.

If there's anyone else i'm sure one of us who will be at a show would be more than happy to get you one, so let one of us know :-)

Prokopis 26-05-2009 11:52

Re: Marya's autograph...
wohooo !!!oh yeah i got the autograph today after my exams!!! a big thanks to frankie and to marya!!!!!!!!!! haha its great i am so happy!!!!!!!(:(: this made my day!! also have all a rockin day!!woo! i will upload a photo i am excited!!!

Deb 26-05-2009 12:20

Re: Marya's autograph...
Glad it got to you safely Prox :-)

bloodflowerz 26-05-2009 22:08

Re: Marya's autograph...
Good to see you so happy, Proxroxx!

Jas 27-05-2009 00:44

Re: Marya's autograph...
Thanks so much for mine autograph :-)

bloodflowerz 27-05-2009 00:47

Re: Marya's autograph...
So happy you're pleased, Jas! Your T-Shirts and cd are signed also, did you notice? The hoodie wasn't possible because it's black...

Jas 27-05-2009 00:53

Re: Marya's autograph...
Yeah ofcourse I did...I was so happy that all the things were signed,with dedication!Thanks
the hoddie is AWESOME I love it so much,but the t-shirts are small size for me lol,anyway i will frame them and put them on the wall:-) and the drum thing is looking great with autographs of all members of the band on it!!!

bloodflowerz 27-05-2009 00:56

Re: Marya's autograph...
Fantastic! Sad the T-Shirts are too small...we thought that they'd fit... Ah well, they'll be great on the wall also... The hoodie is so cool! I love it! :-)

KOSTAS 27-05-2009 18:16

Re: Marya's autograph...
deb no news about the cd and the autograf! i am very sad! :(

Vivian 27-05-2009 20:10

Re: Marya's autograph...
Got one, too =D
And I am veeeery happy abut that =)

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