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KOSTAS 13-12-2011 18:52


We can all request Marya here! It's a site all about music!They invite the artist/band and you can watch for free and invite your facebook friends to check your fav. band sharing a free live with everyone in the world!~ Please check it out! In a min. Lena Katina from t.A.T.u. will share a free live show for everyone in the world! They are looking for new artists to have a show! Looking really cool!:santa_green:

frankie 13-12-2011 20:25

Re: Fankix
requested marya, it's pretty easy :santa_thumb_up:

and thanx for finding this kostas !!!

KOSTAS 13-12-2011 22:06

Re: Fankix
Thank you frankie! Yeap it is really easy and guess if many of us do that as well! that would be awesome! xD Plus its a new way i guess for a band to show her stuff and music!

Cool Vibe$ 14-12-2011 19:43

Re: Fankix
Done! and cool found! :santa_thumb_up:

Ruba Galactika 15-12-2011 14:52

Re: Fankix
Thank you Kostas!
done and being excited what's gonna happen, sounds interesting lol :santa_thumb_up:

Prokopis 22-01-2012 00:34

Re: Fankix
Nice one Kosta!

KOSTAS 31-01-2012 01:27

Re: Fankix
Thanks! :)

Rebi 02-02-2012 18:28

Re: Fankix
Thank you Kostas!! Done :-)

KOSTAS 10-02-2012 22:41

Re: Fankix
Thanks everyone! Good to know that some of you did it! actually lets try to make them notice Marya! you can ask your friends to do it also! its very easy! :)))

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